•Divorce/Legal Separation
•Parenting Plans and Child Support
•Grandparent and Third Party Custody
   (Skagit County court-approved mediator) 
•Collaborative Divorce 
   (Member of Whatcom Collaborative Professionals)



"Mr. Taylor is an exceptional attorney and exceeded my expectations. I feel he is genuinely interested and caring which is a rarity among his profession. I am confident in his experience, abilities, and intelligence to handle a multitude of scenarios successfully which he continues to do throughout my proceedings. I have the utmost certainty that he will exceed brilliantly in his field and I highly recommend him to any seeking counsel."

  -Jeremy, a child custody client

The collaborative model helps couples reach durable, private agreements outside of court, so they can be empowered as they restructure their families.  I highly recommend the collaborative method to my clients because it is the method I would recommend to my own friends and family.  If you have questions about the collaborative process please contact our office, or visit the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals for an overview of the process and a free “Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit”.